Hassle free Small Business loan up to $2000.00

Rate of interest: Up to 16% - 32%

The key to business growth is Borrow

Rate of interest: Up to 16% - 32%

Looking to set up or expand your business?

Rate of interest: Up to 16% - 32%

Approval within 24 hours

Nominal interest rates

No guarantors

Minimum documentation

Features of business loan

Here is an exhaustive list of all the fees and charges to be paid for the education loan.

Quick approval

Apply for a loan and get it within 14 days without stress

Easy Loan Repayment

Easy repayment plan to sooth all our customers and help in proper planing

100% Transparency

All transactions are done in the open for both lender and borrower

Our Business Loan Products

If you know which productyou would like to apply for, choose one from below:

Fast Business Cash

This type of affordable business loan is suitable for a range of companies, even those with less than perfect credit records.

Flexible Credit Line

Designed to meet the demand for crisis-prevention and crisis-mitigation lending for countries with very strong policy frameworks.

Unsecured Term Loan

Loan that doesn’t require any type of collateral.  Lenders approve unsecured loans based on a borrower’s creditworthiness.

Merchant Funding Loan

The lender provides the company with a cash advance which it repays as a percentage of its customers’ card payments using a card terminal.

Small Business owner

Typically starts a business within their local community to provide a service to a specific target audience

Secured Business Loan

Reduces the risk to lenders, which allows the borrower an opportunity for more lenient terms and credit score requirements.

About Business Loan and How does it work

For over 27 years, Global Finance Co has helped our customers with their equipment financing and acquisition needs.

Our customers appreciate our quick turnaround time and flexible “customer-tailored” financing products, which is why they come back to Global time and time again. We aim to make leasing a viable option for all businesses through a spectrum of professional services. We do not approach customers with strict financial formulas, rather we evaluate each business by its unique situation and individual needs.

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These flexible loans for businesses are usually arranged for a short period of up to 10 months.

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